Time for a little test…and reward!

There really isn’t a test…but there really is a reward!

I did think though that this would be a good time to recap the 12 posts that have appeared here over the past 4 months. I’m averaging 3 per month but my output has been down in the last couple of month or so due to competing opportunities. One is the redesign of the IT4Worship site and the other is an article I’m writing for the Presbyterian Outlook – a “trade paper” for Presbyterian ministers in the US. I’ll be sure to let you know when it is published as I would very much appreciate your reviews and thoughts.

Over the course of those 12 posts, we have discussed at varying depths:
Image sources
Free Sound clips
Sound editing software
Image editing
Creative commons licensing
Attribution-free licensing
Royalty-free licensing

We’ve also covered a variety of tools and services like:
Audacity, and

To top it all off, I was able to show you how to create an alert box and how to hide comments in your web pages so you had a handy reference if you wanted to duplicate a feature or element on another page.

As I look back at the list, I have to say that I hope I haven’t overwhelmed you with the information presented. Let me know if I have and I’d be happy to go over anything we’ve already touched on.

Going forward, I’m putting together an outline of some more WordPress specific topics that we’ll cover in consecutive weeks. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to pass them along.

Reward Alert

At the risk of being accused of brazen self-promotion, I have a favour to ask. I’m trying to build up the viewership of the IT4Worship Facebook page and I need your help. For those of you with Facebook accounts, if enough of you will “Like” the page (https://facebook.com/it4worship), I will be able to reach a threshold where Facebook actually provides reader statistics.

To show my appreciation, when you like the page let me know via email and I’ll send you a set of 4 images of landscapes that are perfect for displaying on your websites or in graphics for sermons, slides, etc. The images are royalty- and attribution-free so you can use them however you like.

Please let me know in the comments below if you’ve found this post useful (or not) and if you have any follow up questions.

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