IT Services

Even small church’s make use of technology ranging from the simple (individual PCs) to the complex (integrating phones, PCs, printers, and network devices.

There are many days when even simple setups present challenges and frustrations for their users.

Many times simply understanding what exactly is wrong so you can seek help is a near impossible task as you try to enter the jargon-filled world of computer/software repair and diagnosis.

IT4Worship will look at the frustrations you are experiencing, find their root causes and determine how best to minimize their impact or eliminate them altogether.  This could mean creating a new process for the work environment, or it could mean upgrading hardware or software.

Because we are an independent, private company, you can be assured that any suggestions made will be based solely on what you need.

When technology upgrades are truly required, we will suggest inexpensive or no cost alternatives that we know will work.  How do we know? Because these are the same solutions that we use within our company on a daily basis.


Along with computers, networks and internet access can also be sources of frustration when technical help is not readily available.

Networks also present opportunities for efficiency within a church office environment.

Have you ever thought about being able to access your documents and files regardless of where you are located currently?

Have you ever worried about whether important church files (CRA documents, accounting files, building plans, supplier contracts, etc.) were truly secured yet accessible?

All of these are concerns for the modern church in these rapidly evolving technological times.

A properly networked environment can alleviate not only these concerns but other significant quality of life concerns for the minister and church staff.

Many people don’t realize how pastors’ and church administrators’ days can be suddenly turned upside down by the pastoral issues that come up in a congregation.

Being able to access congregational information while on the go  and having sure and ready access to work tools and documents when and where its needed helps to reduce stress levels.

IT4Worship will take a close look at office environment and make recommendations on  how best to use those existing components to create a more productive work flow.

We will answer questions around the health of your network and those areas where it could be better utilized (like supporting centralized document storage).

Our expertise combined with today’s freely available offerings means that new elements are not synonymous with higher church administration costs.


Wayne Sankarlal created our website at St.David's Presbyterian Church on Danforth Rd. Scarborough (phone 416-267-7897). He did an outstanding job.  He also provided training to staff and excellent followup services throughout.

- Rev. Jacques Nel, St. David's Presbyterian Church, Toronto, Ontario

I could have built our website and done a reasonable job. Almost every congregation has someone who could. However, there's already more than enough work to go around. IT4Worship did a great job of listening to our needs, asking us good questions, and then turning out a web presence that meets what we need. The ongoing support for our website content writers is quick and thorough. IT4Worship keeps us regularly informed on the progress of security updates and on any work that might affect people accessing our site. IT4Worship is definitely worth considering as you seek new ways to let the world know about your community of faith.

Rev. Matthew Sams Clerk of Session, Pickering Presbytery, Ontario

I have been blessed by the great gifts that Wayne has given on several occasions;  A short time ago I seemed to be plagued by a message that seemed to come up on my computerscreen... Daily! Wayne eliminated it  remotely. He knows computers well. His costs are reasonable, and when he does anything he explains what he has done in layman's terms- I need all the help I can get! I would, without hesitation, recommend his services. I feel secure knowing that Wayne is only a phone call away! Wayne also looks after our church's internet and computer needs!
Phillip J. Robillard, Minister - Fallingbrook Presbyterian Church, Toronto, Ontario
I would like to recommend Wayne Sankarial for help with your website. Wayne listened carefully to what we hoped to do and then followed through with some exciting changes. He is very well versed in what attracts attention and is more than willing to be a hands on helper to get you going.  We are thrilled with our changes and happy to share his expertise with others.
Rev. Barb Molengraaf,  St. Paul’s Presbyterian Church in Bramalea-Brampton.
We recently contracted IT4Worship to give our church website a ‘facelift’. We are thrilled with the end results! Wayne was knowledgeable, efficient, available, and listened to our unique needs as a church. He worked with us to meet the goals we had in mind within a short time span. We would definitely work with this company again.”

Rev. Tobey Boyer, Knox-Alliston Presbyterian Church, Alliston, Ontario

I would like to thank Wayne for all the support to questions I have. He is always eager to find a solution to the problems I present. Even though Wayne has been asked many questions over and over, he never makes you feel you are a burden. I would definitely recommend Wayne for any of your IT requirements.

Blair Banks, Web Coordinator, Pickering Presbytery