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Formatting the HTML Way

In today’s blog we’ll discuss formatting text in HTML. If you want to repeatedly format large amounts of text, then you should use CSS (a topic for another day), however if you want to emphasize a few words in a sentence or paragraph then what follows is the way to go. In all the examples…

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The use of space on a web page is needed to properly balance the elements on the page. Too little space and the page will seem overcrowded and “busy” while too much space leaves the impression that there is little worth saying. I’m using space here to mean a couple of things. It can be…

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School is in Session…w3school

As I’d mentioned in the last post, we’re going to take a more WordPress and website-specific approach over the next little while. A website, WordPress or otherwise, is composed of a minimum of three technologies that work cooperatively to generate what you see and interact with in your web browser. These three are HTML, CSS…

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Alert Box – an easy site improvement

Now for some fun stuff! In this post I’ll show you how to add an Alert Box to your website by adding a little bit of code (don’t worry you can copy and paste everything so you don’t have to know how to code or even how to spell code). The code we are going…

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