WVS Skype Pic 1IT4Worship was founded to meet the needs of small and medium-sized churches for technology advice and skills when it was not available from congregational volunteers.

While that help could take many forms - websites, information and network technology, training or some combination of the above - it  was clear that church administration and worship were the areas most impacted by a lack of technological skills.

And wrapped around these needs is the financial reality of church budget constraints.
We focus on meeting technical needs (websites, hardware, software, networking, sound and special projects that combine different technologies) while providing trusted advice and services that are affordable for the small to medium-sized worship environment.

Our work is done based on our QLM strategy.  This is to quickly determine what can be done for the lowest cost that provides the most value and effective stewardship of our client’s resources. The latest and greatest bells and whistles are useless if they don't match the needs of the congregation and the skills of its volunteers.
The other main tenet of our work is that a properly trained person can make any system function better.  Training can be in written, audio or video formats.  Whatever the form on the training, the goal for our training is that it provide the  greatest return for any investment in technology.

In summary, we strive to provide solutions that are easy to understand, easy to teach our clients and easy for our clients to teach to their volunteers.
All of our client engagements start with a no-cost old-fashioned face to face chat around the needs of your congregation and the vision of where they would like to be. We hope to sit down with you in the very near future.

Written Wayne

Wayne Sankarlal